Press Release
Title: My Name is Dee
Publication Date: August 28, 2013
Format: 230 pages, paperback
Author: Robin Wyatt Dunn
Publisher: John Ott, San Diego, Calif.
978-0-9890948-0-1 paperback
978-0-9890948-1-8 hardback
978-0-9890948-2-5 ebook

    John Dee is a magician in Los Angeles. He is going insane.
    My Name Is Dee is a novel for the educated reader who enjoys noir action, intrigue and dark romance, for the child in all of us who wants to go on adventures, and for the fearful adult too who marvels at the terrifying scale of this universe. Battling aliens, journeying between dimensions, exploring the immensity of the human mind, and saving a woman are on the docket for John Dee in this noir adventure.
   And he must choose what moral course his life is going to take: can he stand to still wear the grey hat?

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