Deep Sett Press is looking for a few good unsolicited manuscripts. We accept agented and unagented submissions. We are especially interested in works of science fiction, slipstream, the "new weird," and works of satire. We love literary fiction. We also love poetry, but aren't looking for poetry right now. And no Young Adult, please.

     We publish in paperback and e-book formats. We pay 50% net royalties. Net means what distributors pay us, the publisher. We are not a vanity press and never charge fees of any kind. Right now we cannot afford to pay advances, but we aim to in future.
     Please send your complete manuscript of at least 25,000 words as an RTF file to deepsettpress at gmail dot com.
     We look forward to reading your work.
     - Robin Wyatt Dunn, Editor

Deep Sett,