Press Release
Title: 2DEE
Publication Date: June 14, 2017
Author: Robin Wyatt Dunn
Publisher: John Ott, San Diego

978-1-940830-18-6 paperback
978-1-940830-19-3 ebook

"Weird, avant-garde, poetic and challenging. Robin Dunn's 2DEE fairly bubbles, a surreal experiment that looks and smells like SF. But it's really a fever dream of ghetto genres, broken cliches and ultimately an elegy to the sprawl of urban LA. At first, I wanted more aliens, but everything about this is alien. Arrogant, neurotic, playful, it reads like an SF hallucination, a satire, the last thoughts of a dying man, fragments leading up to the apocalypse. 2DEE is an heir to the 1970's New Wave science fiction movement."

        -- Roger Leatherwood, author of Naked in Hollywood

The population of Los Angeles has vanished. John Dee has to find out why. With the help of his AI son, he journeys between dimensions, undergoes radical body modifications, topples extrasolar governments, and hunts his lost love, all without a clear idea of who he is. To rescue his city, and himself, he must confront both the cruelty of the universe he finds himself in, and his own interior darkness.

cover art by Barbara Sobczyńska

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