After Calculus


(Originally appeared in Imaginaire Magazine, Issue #3, June 2013).



Push it just a little further when the magister

Supplies the logic of your evolution,

And calculate the rhythm of your challenge,


Gnole or Krull or cataleptic catatonic Churl beneath our bridge of world,

Because we made it so for you:

Everything you knew can be applied, betwixt beautied worlds of rules.


But later,


Just a little,

Depending on your inclinations,

You will divine the lesson of the wise,

That everything is up for grabs,

Depending on the size of your eyes,

And the lining of your stomach.


Can you Newton swallow river estuary asymptotically divine?

Will the river course into your blood for us to reason and entwine

Within our histories and hearts?


The logic and the wyrd,

The sandal and the stone,

Cut both.

By hearing we are made,

But you can supplant a Doppler hierarchy

If youÕre of a mind to,

Just be ready, like Planck,

For the bricks that crush your balls,

As you cement your theory into Books of Life.


A word or poem in a pattern through the pitter patter

Of the heliopauseÕs thought,

Cuts aft and eerie on the eagle

For our presidents to whine out to the masses,

Saying, a new weaponÕs come to our Herculean sons!

Give out the mainsail for your executionÕs done,

And we will manufacture evolution in your brainÕs dark gem,



* *