Press Release
Title: Conquistador of the Night Lands
Publication Date: December 30, 2015
Format: 278 pages, paperback
Author: Robin Wyatt Dunn
Publisher: John Ott, San Diego, Calif.
978-1-940830-10-0 paperback
978-1-940830-11-7 ebook

"Within ten minutes of starting Robin Dunn's Conquistador of the Night Lands, I had utterly fallen into his strange far-future Earth. The book is funny, horrifying, weird, and a dozen other things -- a tour de force of image and language that no one else in our comparatively plain little backwater Earth could have written."
-- James P. Blaylock, author of Zeuglodon
The Night Lands are what you see.
The Night Lands are what you eat.
The Night Lands are what you breathe.

Come in to the Night Lands, and we will show you something different,
from your holiday smile, or your most beautiful nightmare,
we'll show you the Redoubt, inside your brain:

The world has ended; the sun has died, but life goes on.
Join Soad and Weel, defenders of the Redoubt, and The Producer and Woad, a Hollywood producer and a giant whale, on a journey to remake all of reality.

cover art by Barbara Sobczyńska

Available now in: Paperback