Press Release
Title: Line to Night Island
Publication Date: March 7, 2014
Format: 127 pages, paperback
Author: Robin Wyatt Dunn
Publisher: John Ott, San Diego, Calif.
978-1-940830-00-1 paperback
978-1-940830-01-8 ebook

Kiss me, you’re beautiful.

Will you come to Night Island?
I’ve been calling.
Tell me, are you there?
I am coming but I cannot say what it is; what are you? Do I understand it right, that you are reading me?
My name is Dun; I am Dark Knight, I am Dark Island, from Night Island.

These words hurt me but they are necessary; tell me, can you feel it too? That something is coming to an end?
Hold my hand, won’t you?
This transmission, this dream, it frightens me--tell me, won’t you, will it turn out all right? Will I be bright? And glorious? I am a knight though I do not serve a lord; I am anachronism; I am lost but I am moving. I am moving towards you.
Tell me, do you see me yet?
I’m coming!

cover art by Barbara Sobczyńska

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