Press Release
Title: City, Psychonaut
Publication Date: November 4, 2016
Format: 270 pages, paperback
Author: Robin Wyatt Dunn
Publisher: Weasel Press


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A dark comic fable of early 21st Century life, CITY, PSYCHONAUT redefines narrative in an intensely personal dive into the future, and its dreams . . .

"I STAB REALITY IN THE HEART" ... and Psychonaut chooses a twisted, serrated blade to deliver the coup de grāce. A strange but visceral tale played out in an vivid altered reality where Satellites have replaced stars and clouds of Bliss subdue the populace. But can Man's deeper darker drives be contained without disturbing dreams and dark consequences? Psychonaut delivers the answer in the fine tradition of Phillip K. Dick and J. G Ballard with a resounding and disturbing ... cackle.

Neil S. Reddy, author of Miffed and Peeved in the U.K.

cover art by Barbara Sobczyńska

Available now in Paperback