Press Release
Title: Science Fiction: a poem!
Publication Date: February 17, 2017
Format: 71 pages, paperback
Author: Robin Wyatt Dunn
Publisher: JEF Books, Aurora, IL.

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"Science Fiction is a love poem disguised as a hate poem. The unreliable narrator lashes out sometimes against aliens, America, and closer enemies of the mind and heart. It rhythmically pulses. It unravels the psyche. It contradicts as it affirms. In a maelstrom of rage against the collective madness of our species, love still proves to be the most powerful force in the universe."

--Martin Ott, author of Spectrum, C&R Press

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"The word "quirky" might have been invented to describe Robin Dunn's writing. His long poem, SCIENCE FICTION, fearlessly incorporates a vast variety of poetic forms, styles, and voices. The result is a book that seems to suspend the law of gravity, freeing the reader to float in the star-studded fields of space."

-- Howie Good, author of A Ghost Sings, a Door Opens

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SCIENCE FICTION: a poem is a this:
Rememberance of love affairs lost...
The sorrow of relationships lost...
The end of American democracy...lost.

Robin Wyatt Dunn has written a powerful work that speaks to our times.

-- William Kingsley, author of "Five Years"

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