Harvey Weinstein and Harrison Ford are Thieves

Hey folks, more to assuage my own conscience than anything, I wanted to share my experience of having my screenplay stolen on here. I'm also going to post that work here (it's five years old and very bad! but still it was stolen and I felt I had to make this public . . .)

Five years ago, being more naive than I am now, I sent this screenplay with the working title of "A huge and deafening roar" or "Love Amidst the Ruins" to John Duncan, who was Harvey Weinstein's assistant in New York. Then, 3 years ago, I discover it's being made into a movie called "The Age of Adaline" starring Natalie Portman, the very actress I had suggested for the lead.

I promptly sued Harvey Weinstein and Lakeshore Entertainment, and learned in so doing that George W. Bush had rewritten the laws governing federal courtroom procedure so that all evidence had to be submitted in advance, none could be submitted during the case. (This has the effect of preventing poor people like me from bringing suit for copyright infringement, and then demanding to see the script that has been stolen and rewritten by thieves in Hollywood).

Not surprisingly, given the corruption in our courts and in our country, my case was immediately dismissed.

Anyway, I'm attaching it here. Although it's very bad, and although it likely will bear only a passing resemblance to the picture now starring Harrison Ford, I remain absolutely convinced that Harvey Weinstein and all who worked with him on this picture, including Natalie Portman (briefly) and Harrison Ford, are shameless thieves with no respect for writers.

If you would, please share this post, and if you feel like being a real friend, do boycott this new movie from Lakeshore Entertainment called "The Age of Adaline"

One of my heroes, Harlan Ellison, is reknowned for suing at the drop of a hat every time he suspected something of his was stolen. He's a lot smarter and more stubborn than me, of course, and more famous to boot, which always helps, but even though the courts defeated me he inspires me to do at least this much to poke the Hollywood Monster and their associated criminals in the eye a little bit! :)

Here's the damned (again, very bad! but it was juicy enough they couldn't resist it! ha!) script:


Thanks guys!