MEMORANDUM: We are reading now for our Summer 2023 issue, number 18. We're grateful.

CAVEAT SCRIPTOR: As of June 6th, 2016, in support of Palestine, LAROLA will not publish writers who identify as Israeli until the state of Israel treats the Palestinian people with dignity and grants them a state.

Here's what we want: stories and poems and stuff. Pictures. Non fiction. Weird and offensive shit. Polite banter. Stuff about LA. Doesn't have to be about LA, but that takes precedence. Shit, we don't even care if you've ever been to LA, although if you write 5,000 words about LA and you've never been here we would hope we'd be able to tell. But even then, maybe it will rock.

Why do we want it? We're gonna put it up here on the interweb.

Will we give you money? Yes, we will. How much? Pennies. Literally, a few pennies!

But remember: if we like your work and publish it, you can only sell it elsewhere as a reprint, so caveat scriptor!

Why do we want to insult you like that? Welcome to Los Angeles, baby. Hey, it's more money than you'll ever get for that fucking screenplay you wrote!

If you're so profoundly offended by the idea of giving us your hard work and getting only a few measly pennies in return, just tell us in advance and we promise not to give you those few pennies. It's just that easy.

Send it along to LAreviewofLA at gmail dot com

We'll take reprints if they are not available elsewhere on the web, and we accept simsubs, because we're just as promiscuous as you are.

Maximum length? 8,000 words. Sorry, our attention span has shrunk!